No fund manager has a crystal ball or can predict what markets will do, but there are three elements that we believe can be balanced to ensure clients receive the best possible investment outcomes. We call this the Power of Three.

  • COST
    It is widely accepted that costs have the biggest negative impact on what investors get back in their pockets. So we operate with NO hidden fees and offer our clients access to high end investment management at low cost.
  • RISK
    Our mantra is to diversify, diversify, diversify so we don’t have all our eggs in one basket, which helps us reduce risk and volatility.
    we aim to be Steady Eddies focused on seeking to provide clients consistent performance year after year.


Based on solid academic research
Asset allocation focussed on the long-term
Highly diversified portfolios


Conviction Mindset
Questioning Convention
Fundamentals Not Fashion


Discretionary Investment Managers
Portfolios Not Funds
Actively Passive Strategy & ETFs 

Our Track Record

SCM 50 has one of the longest ETF portfolio management track records in the UK.  This five year track record combined with our Chief Investment Officer, Alan Miller’s 25 years expertise and knowledge, putting him amongst a handful of the UK’s highest respected fund managers, makes SCM 50 a smart choice for investors.

Maximise your savings, by minimising your costs

In investments, compounding is what happens when the money you put away grows, and that increased amount is reinvested to earn more.  But the same can happen with fees.  If you pay high fees, year after year, the total fees can eat up a huge portion of your investment pot. 

SCM Simulator

See the likely Cost, Risk and Return of an investment with SCM 50 and compare us with alternatives or any fund you may already own.